When it comes to the relationship between a custom home builder and their client, everything boils down to trust. Just as every customer should follow a screening process when choosing their ideal builder, every builder should too. What does Smith & Webb look for in a client?

  1. Communicates Expectations Clearly
  2. Respects the Builder and Subcontractors
  3. Is Available for Questions 
  4. Understanding that Quality Work Takes Time
  5. Trust in the Builder and Subcontractors
  6. Understands the Invoicing/Payment Process… so that we stay on schedule
  7. Sticking to Allowances in the Budget
  8. Committed to Quality
  9.  Staying In Touch With Us After the Final Cleanup

With this, we expect you to expect the best out of us. There are expectations we set for ourselves when it comes to handling your dream home and working with you. We strive to make this process as simple, stress-free and fun as possible. We work to exemplify these key values.

  1. Listening to Client Expectations and Desires
  2. Communicating With Client Clearly
  3. Integrity In All Aspects of Project
  4. Staying on Schedule
  5. Helping You Stay On Budget
  6. Helping You Understand the Invoicing/Payment Process
  7. Building a Strong Relationship With Our Client
  8. Making Your Home Truly Custom, Not One Size Fits All
  9. Being There For You After the Final Cleanup

Are you a right fit for Smith & Webb?