Many Clemson graduates find it hard to leave those hills behind after receiving their diplomas, but Jarrett Smith and Brad Webb keep finding ways to stay connected.

For one thing, they found a home for the headquarters of Smith & Webb – their residential design-build firm – in Patrick Square, Clemson’s first traditional neighborhood development. After watching Clemson continue to grow from this vantage point, Brad decided it was the perfect place to put down roots with his young family, and the company built a home for him in Patrick Square, too.

Over the last few years, Smith & Webb has had an opportunity to work on a project with an intriguing connection to their alma mater. There is a house in the city of Clemson, built in the early 1980s by R.C. Edwards, a former president of the university, that is a replica of the house in which the sitting president resides during his tenure. The house was purchased in 2015 by a Clemson alum, and Smith & Webb were contracted to bring the interior up to date. The home was sold again in late 2016, and Jarrett and Brad were given another opportunity to work their magic on the home’s exterior.