The 1950s inspired a boom in suburbs and pre-planned housing, but there is a push today toward individualism in homes. Homeowners want their homes to reflect them and their lifestyle. This has sparked a new drive toward building new, custom homes. There are several perks to hiring custom home builder, such as Smith & Webb.

A Local’s Insight

One of the major benefits of hiring a custom home builder is that a custom builder is going to be local to the area in which you are building. The builder will have insight into the area and will be able to make recommendations based on it. A local custom builder also will be aware of local ordinances and laws and will be able to help you navigate these rules.

Personalized Design Process

Building a custom home is a collaborative process, which means your voice is important. Unlike many builders, who have a small set of pre-set designs to choose from, a custom home builder cares about what you want your home to be. Do you want ease of access to each room? Lots of natural light? A fun, secret hideaway? Smith & Webb forms partnerships with our clients so we know exactly what you want and can turn your dreams into reality.

Direct Communication

Another perk of hiring a custom home builder is the ease of communication. Many builders are not well-known for their communication, but building a custom home places you at the center of the conversation. The one-on-one aspect of custom building is a natural conductor for easy, open communication between you and your builder, eliminating a huge potential stressor that plagues other builders.

If you are considering building a new, custom home, contact Smith & Webb Custom Crafted Homes via our website or by calling us at (864) 509-7727. We take your unique vision and turn it into the home of your dreams.